Corporate Training

The corporate training arm of PROGINEER has played a role in meeting the changing needs of many business organisations. We provide a wide range of well-designed programmes specially catered for business organisations with different training needs.

This programme will be included Build effective coaching techniques, Master problem analysis and decision-making, Effectively communicate change, Strengthen listening skills, Learn the 8-step delegation process



If you are looking for training to take your employee skills and knowledge to the next level, we are here to help. We use friendly and knowledgeable instructors to deliver top quality, comprehensive software training packages. We provide challenges, exercises and sample code to help your organization to boost for programming skill.

This training is for your organization's managers level and learn how to handle the project, risk, team and resource management .

Process Management


This training is to improve the business users within organization and learn how to optimize the current process and keep control the information .

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