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It is for fun but very useful for everyone.


myNFCBuddy is worked only in short distance which is about 3-4 inches and safer than bluetooth and other RFID Technology

Easy To Use

myNFCBuddy is just required to write the instruction one time but it can be used for many times.


myNFCBuddy can be easily used with NFC Mobile.

Always Fun

myNFCBuddy acts like magician and shows automatic work by one touch.

NFC Apps

myNFCBuddy can use with several 100+ NFC applications which are available in google store. The rest is your choice.

No Battery

myNFCBuddy is wireless Technology and no battery so no stress for power charging.


myNFCBuddy can be used for Software Development.

Product Lifetime warranty

myNFCBuddy can be used for long term.


myNFCBuddy can be brought and use on your way to home, office or anywhere outside.

Personal Assistance

myNFCBuddy can take the command and perform automatically when it is tapped with mobile.

Our Products

We are helping to shape your business with our very own products.

Service Desk Manager

Do you think IT department is very easy to manage when the corporate is having 100+ employee and 100+ of pc/servers? Assume that there are 50+ issue reported to IT department every day, how to classify and how to measure for priority.

With PROGINEER’s Service Desk Manager, SLA agreement can publish and IT will be followed in ITIL service framework process. It will make the life easier ever.

Billing Advisor

There is nothing more important than to bill it out to customer in time with their preference invoice format. And also consolidating finance amount for Account department to prepare for booking.

This billing advisor is very helpful to notify for billing and generate the various invoice formats as what you and customer agreed. And also, you can configure for the different journal types and format as your account department needs.

Asset Management

When you are managing about one table and one chair, there is no issue. When one is broken, you can check the things warranty and call the straight away to the supplier. But when you have enormous things to handle, you can’t know exactly where the information looking for. Will it be either in your wardrobe or files? It will be taking time rather than to repair yourself.

PROGINEER’s Asset management can help you to address those things and then all information is ready in your one click away.

Human Resources Management System

This application can help you from employee’s timesheet to their performance. Why do we need to invest the money on devices like Finger print, time card report card unless it can be integrate with overall performance of staffs?

PROGINEER’s HR software can help you to perform all of these things without external devices necessary.

Website Development

You define your business. We define your themes.!

Every website are responsive, elegant and screen size auto adjustable.

  • Silver

    For Small Business
  • Up to 5 pages
  • 1 Mock-up Design
  • 2 times Major Design Revision
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • 5-10 Working days
  • No Support SEO
  • Gold

    For Medium Business
  • Up to 8 pages
  • 2 Mock-up Design
  • 3 times Major Design Revision
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • 10-15 Working days
  • Support SEO
  • Platinum

    For Large Business
  • Up to 10 pages
  • 3 Mock-up Design
  • 4 times Major Design Revision
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • 10-20 Working days
  • Support SEO

Mobile Development

We are helping to move your business on mobile platforms

System and Network

We are providing the following services on System and Network.

New Environment Setup

  • Hardware Propose/ Selection/ Purchase
  • Network Design
  • Hardware/Software/Drivers/Network Installation, Maintenance and Support
  • Network Setup and Administration
  • Best Price Guarantee.
  • 100% on Quality Service.


  • Packaging and Handling with care
  • New Location Layout Design
  • Dusting/Physical Cleaning & Visual Inspection
  • Cabling and Network Setup
  • Printer/Scanner/Devices Setup
  • Ensure Delivery with 100% success rate.
  • Effective Cost with Best service

On Call Support

  • Any Computer/Hardware/Software Setup
  • Any Network Setup/ Administration/ Server Setup/ Any Maintenance
  • Any Hardware/Software Failure Detection
  • Network/Security/Connectivity Failure Detection and Fixing
  • Effective Cost with 100% Best Service

Part and Replacement

  • Strive for best prices
  • Grab the best Hardware for your organization
  • Ensure for quality product and relevant warranty
  • Hardware/Software Installation
  • Provide Expertise Decision on Hardware selection
  • Save Time, Less Cost and High availability

System Support Maintenance

  • Fully PC Protection
  • Reduce Maintenance Cost
  • Saving Extra Money
  • PC Performance Optimization
  • Generate revenue in Hardware Cost
  • Reduce Virus Threat


Read What's The People Are Saying About Us

“Very attentive and response is so fast to address the issues. Good work team!!!”

- Ko Si Thu (Royal Nawaratk)

“Glad to work with PROGINEER and thank you for quality service.”

- Shankar (Lotus Crown)

Well done. Appreciated for commitment and hard work”

- Ma Ju Dia (John & Maung)